Saturday, March 31, 2007

Discover Africa Travel - The Most Exciting Destination In The World

Without doubt, Africa is the ultimate in adventure travel. With its abundance of wildlife in various game reserves all over the continent, the discerning traveller has a vast choice of top quality safari lodges and luxury accommodation to choose from. This exciting travel destination is now opening up to disabled travellers, thanks to dedicated companies like Endeavour Safaris in Cape Town. These trustworthy professionals have made it their mission to helpe handicapped travellers to realise their dream of visiting Africa. They have an excellent selection of tours, accommodations and safaris for physically challenged travellers, with wheelchair accessibility and specialised care.

South Africa is the best destination for travellers looking for first world infrastructure combined with top class game viewing in the famous Kruger National Park, among others. For a more back-to-nature experience, Botswana would be the best choice, with its wonderful Okavango Delta offering a wide variety of game lodges deep in the bush, where wildlife is barely discturbed by the encroachment of man.

For a desert experience in one of the largest and oldest deserts in the world, Namibia offers the traveller a wonderful holiday in this harsh but beautiful environment. Marvel at how wildlife survives in this cruel land, and bring your camera for some of the most wonderful photographic opportunities around.

Visit the skeleton coast with its many shipwrecks and pristine wilderness. Camp in the Okavango Delta amid a plethora of birds and wildlife in their untouched natural environment, canoe on calm lagoons to the music of myriad frogs and birds, watch hippos and crocadiles go about their daily lives. Deepest, darkest Africa still exists in these remote locations, just waiting for you to discover it and record it for your own personal posterity. A trip to Africa is something that everyone should do at least once in thier lives, so plan your African trip today and ensure that you get to see the wonders of the African wilderness.